digital access grant: empowering homeschoolers with technology

Every young learner deserves access to technology, regardless of background or educational setting. Our Digital Access Grant is here to make that belief a reality.

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free tech device

We provide a working pre-loved laptop, desktop, or tablet device to empower your learner's journey. 

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Discover the world of service learning and give back to your community.

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 Join a vibrant community of like-minded homeschooling families.

how it works


submit your application on our website


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receive your tech device and access service learning resources


connect with our community of educators and organizations committed to education through service

eligibility criteria

  • Homeschooling Families: Applicants must be homeschooling families in the United States, with students between the ages of 5 to 18.
  • Financial Need: Priority will be given to families facing financial barriers to accessing technology. While there is no strict income requirement, applicants should demonstrate financial need.
  • Single-Parent Families: Single-parent families who are homeschooling their children are encouraged to apply. We recognize the unique challenges they face and aim to provide support.
  • Families with Special Needs Learners: Families homeschooling special needs learners are eligible for the Digital Access Grant. We understand the importance of technology in meeting the educational needs of these students.
  • Educator's Commitment: Homeschool educators must be committed to integrating service learning into their curriculum and leading at least one service learning project during the grant period.
  • Access to Reliable Internet: Applicants should have access to a stable internet connection, as this will be necessary for online resources and support.
  • Legal Residency: Applicants must be legal residents of the United States.

grant guidelines

    • Educational Impact: Grant recipients are expected to use the provided laptops primarily for educational purposes, ensuring that they contribute to the academic growth and development of their homeschool learners.
    • Service Learning Integration: Homeschool learners must complete at least one service learning project during the grant period. The project should have a positive impact on their local community.
    • Reporting and Accountability: Grant recipients will be required to provide periodic updates on the progress of their service learning projects. Love Well Spent may request testimonials and impact stories for promotional purposes.
    • Compliance: Grant recipients must comply with all relevant federal and state laws and regulations
    • Stewardship of Resources: Grant recipients are responsible for the care and responsible use of the laptops provided.


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